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Why is the Air Conditioning Not Working?

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When air conditioning system is not cooling effectively it can be inconvenient to say the least. In commercial environments, air conditioning can also for instance manage the temperature of food in the catering industry, and make sure that servers don’t overheat and cause problems with computer networks.

Here we look at some possible causes of air conditioning units not functioning correctly.

Thermostat Setting Incorrect

We don’t mean to offend anyone here, but it is quite possible that you or another person in your building has changed the mode setting or thermostat temperature mistakenly. If it’s been set incorrectly by someone it’s so simple to just check this first, so eliminating a possible cause straight away – just change it back!

Restricted Airflow

If there is something obstructing the flow through your air con unit, rather like a blocked drain, this reduces the amount of air that flows through the system. The air filter will accumulate dust and debris over a period of time. You can prevent this from happening by regularly checking and cleaning your filter. Indeed if you know that there hasn’t been maintenance on your AC for a good time, or that your filter hasn’t been replaced for a while, then it’s probably time to arrange maintenance/ repairs.

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No Electricity at Outside Unit

There are two separate units that usually comprise air conditioning systems – one indoors and one outdoors. They work in tandem but both do different jobs and if one stops working, the entire system can fail. The indoor unit blows either cool or hot air through the room, but the air won’t be at the desired temperature if the outdoor unit isn’t working. Check the main fuse board plus the unit isolators if you think that the air conditioning is blowing cold or warm when it’s not supposed to.

There could be a serious issue if you find that the air conditioning unit has caused a blown fuse, and you should make sure that a professional repair company is contacted straightaway.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant is required so as to move the heat through the coils in the system, so the heat won’t be moved very well or hardly at all if there is a refrigerant leak in the system. Any air coming out of the system is likely to be either warm or too cold if on a warm setting. Here the advice has to be to contact a reliable air conditioning company for professional assistance on this problem.

Condenser Blocked

There is always a chance that the air conditioning unit has become blocked by bushes, trees or shrubs with the condenser unit usually located outside the building. These will prevent the release of heat from the condenser coils, which means that inside it won’t cool down or heat up correctly.

System getting old

In closing, a frequent issue with air conditioning units is that after a while they simply get old. It’s a fact that every electronic device or appliance gets affected in this way, and after a while they just don’t perform how the used to. It’s important that you ensure your system is maintained regularly, Regular maintenance is the way to ensure that the air conditioning unit is working as long and as efficiently as possible. If none of the faults covered above can be found and you begin to see a decrease in performance, it’s probably time to look into installing a new system.



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