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New lighting system resulted in huge savings for CML. CML is a leading force in specialist warehousing, stock co-ordination and direct, or network delivery, including multi-modal freight forwarding.

The operation at Magna park works 24 hours a day over 6 days  and consisted mainly of old twin 70w switch start fluorescent fittings. Ecolighting was contacted to evaluate and recommend a suitable lighting scheme to improve the existing working environment.

Following the review and after consultation with the management on lux levels, these were replaced with our Ecolite Industrial Hi-Saver 4x80w for the open areas, our Rackmaster 2x80w & 3x80w for the racked areas and our Mezzmaster 1x80w and 2x49w for mezzanine areas.

An average lux level of 200 was achieved across the whole site.

LED Lighting for Mezzanines

LED Lighting for Mezzanines

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Both light levels and uniformity was improved and provided a return on investment in 2 years. Ongoing maintenance of the new system will greatly reduce the impact on the operation as lamp life is expected to last over 5 years.

Existing Replacement Saving
Number of Lights 880 758
Annual KWh Consumption 1887724 455788 1431936 76%
Annual Lighting Cost £117743 £29994 £87749 75%
Annual CO2 Consumption 786787 195073 591714 75%

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