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Davies Turner

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Davies turner saved £21965 in annual lighting cost by switching to Ecolite Industrial Hi-Saver and Mezzmaster lighting fittings.

Formed in 1870 Davis Turner has gone on to become one of the largest independent freight forwarding and supply chain specialists, employing over 750 people and having over 1,000,000 operating sq ft at their disposal.

After a tender process Ecolighting were chosen as the preferred supplier, based on their knowledge, products and quality of information provided. The operation worked 24 hours a day over 7 days and consisted mainly of old 400w Metal Halide fittings, following the review and after consultation with the management on lux levels, these were replaced with our Ecolite Industrial Hi-Saver 2x80w and 3x80w for the open areas and our Mezzmaster 2x49w for the mezzanine areas.

LED Lighting for Mezzanines

LED Lighting for Mezzanines

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Both staff and management are delighted with the results as lux levels were increased to 200. Light levels and uniformity was improved and provided a return on investment in less than 2.8years. Lamp life is expected to last over 5 years.

Existing Replacement Saving
Number of Lights 294 211
Annual KWh Consumption 355031 80467 274564 77%
Annual Lighting Cost £28402 £6437 £21965 77%
Annual CO2 Consumption 193137 43774 149363 77%

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