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Romarsh Saved More Than 60% in Annual Lighting Cost and Electricity Consumption After Choosing Ecolighting to Update the Lighting Scheme.

Romarsh was founded in 1969, and is now one of the World’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of wound power components.

Ecolighting was contacted to evaluate and recommend a suitable lighting scheme to improve the existing working environment at their main facility in Calne, Wiltshire.

The existing scheme consisted mainly of old T8 & T12 fluorescents with some 250w Metal Halide Low bay fittings and was replaced with our Ecolite Industrial Hi-Saver and Rackmaster.

An initial area was proposed and installed and delivered in excess of 70% proposed savings, so much so that Ecolighting have now been asked to complete the rest of the facility.

Hatfield Clothing & Home Distribution Centre

New Retail Distribution Centre Benefits From Ecolighting LED Lighting

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Both light levels and uniformity were improved and provided a return on investment in less than 2.5 years. Ongoing maintenance of the new system will greatly reduce the impact on the operation as lamp life is expected to last over 4 years.

Existing Replacement Saving
Number of Lights 41 42
Annual KWh Consumption 58510 20958 37552 64%
Annual Lighting Cost £6885 £2466 £4419 64%
Annual CO2 Consumption 23989 8593 15396 64%

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