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Rexam Is Set to Save Over 70% in Annual Lighting Cost After Investing in New Lighting System with Ecolighting.

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Rexam is a leading global beverage can maker in Europe and South America and number 2 in the US.  They make around 60 billion cans each year at 57 can and end making plants across the world.

Energy-efficient lighting specialists Ecolighting were called in to give advice on the potential energy saving opportunities across their distribution facility in Milton Keynes.

Following a product trial to prove the energy savings, Ecolighting was awarded a contract to provide lighting at the facility.

Ecolighting specified their Industrial Hi-Saver with energy saver lamps for all areas, each with its own built in programmable high bay PIR & daylight harvesting sensor. A return on investment is forecasted in 1.8 years, Light levels were also significantly increased in all areas providing a better working environment.


Top Drinks Distributor Says Cheers To New Lighting

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Existing Replacement Saving
Number of Lights 59 79
Annual KWh Consumption 237095 63931 173164 73%
Annual Lighting Cost £19560 £5274 £14286 73%
Annual CO2 Consumption 105621 28480 77141 73%

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