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Replacing Lighting Fittings Helped Enesco Save Over 70% in Anual Lighting Cost. Enesco Limited is a leading international company in the design, manufacturing and distribution of licensed and proprietary branded gifts and collectables.

Lutterworth Ecolighting was contacted to evaluate and recommend a suitable lighting scheme to improve the existing working environment.

The existing lighting scheme consisted of mainly 400w Fittings were replaced with the Ecolite Rackmaster metal halide fittings. Along with a new cable system the 3x80w for the racked areas, and the Industrial Hi-Saver 4x54w for the open areas.


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Both light levels and uniformity was improved and as shown on the graph, were in profit from month 1 and provided a return on investment in less than 1.4 years

Ongoing maintenance of the new system will greatly reduce the impact on the operation as lamp life is expected to last over 5 years.

Existing Replacement Saving
Number of Lights 212 100
Annual KWh Consumption 358813 73807 285006 79%
Annual Lighting Cost £28330 £5816 £22514 79%
Annual CO2 Consumption 147031 30179 116852 79%

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