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Switching to Pegasus LED Lighting saved The Proving Factory over 80% in Annual Lighting Cost and CO2 Consumption

proving factory

The proving factory is a collaborative business which offers a unique engineering, manufacturing and assembly solution for the UK automotive industry, credibly bridging the current market gap between technology developers making innovative, low-carbon vehicle technology prototypes and the needs of vehicle manufacturers for volume supply.

Ecolighting were awarded a project to upgrade the Coventry headquarters replacing the existing 400W Metal halide high bay light fittings with the illustrious Pegasus 150W LED high bay. Each Pegasus has been fitted with an integrated daylight dimming occupancy sensor to help maximize energy savings, and therefore reduce costs and Co2 emissions.

Payback for investment will be in less than two years and over 85% of lighting energy consumption will be saved, along with 25,922 KG of Co2.

Needless to say, these figures are perhaps the best around for any energy saving solution on the market.



“As part of some general improvements to the warehouse we decided to switch to LED lighting to reduce our running costs. We chose to work with Ecolighting as they are local to us and have already done a great job in our rear warehouse. We found they were the best solution for our requirements and with their new LED luminaires we are now getting improved light levels at a lower energy usage. We are very pleased with the results.”

Simon Corbett, Financial Director

Light levels were also significantly increased in all areas.

The Ecolighting Taurus range of LED panels has also been used to upgrade offices and workshop areas.

Existing Replacement Saving
Number of Lights 57 46
Annual KWh Consumption 68172 11116 57056     84%
Annual Lighting Cost £6817 £1112 £5705     84%
Annual CO2 Consumption 33695 5494 28201     84%

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